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FAQ'S For Sellers -

What is Seller Agency?

SELLER AGENCY establishes a relationshlip in which the brokerage and its salespeople represent the interests of the seller exclusively. Sellers typically give authority to a brokerage to sell their property by signing a listing agreement/contract that establishes a formal agency relationship between the seller and the real estate brokerage. This Agreement/contract states what the seller instructs the brokerage to do and what services are under seller agency.

Further, it provides that representatives of the seller use their professional negotiation skills to seek qualified buyers and generally promote the listed property, while keeping information for the seller confidential and always acting in the seller's best interests. Some hallmarks of this relationship are good faith, full disclosue, complete obedience and accounting. The seller has traditionally paid a commission directly to the agent. The listing agency then pays the Brokers or salespeople within its employ, and if applicable, any operating brokerages involved in the transaction.

What is Dual Agency?

DUAL AGENCY is when the same brokerage has an agency relationship with both the buyer and the seller in a real estate transaction. Dual agency also occurs when different salespeople represesent the buyer and seller and are employed by the same brokerage, including those who work in different branch offices. The brokerage or its representatives must advise the seller and the buyer of the dual aspect of representation and must be impartial when representing both parties. Both buyer and seller must give their informed consent to this form of representation.

Is Your Home Ready? A Checklist -


Floor coverings (carpeting, tile, linoleum, hardwood, etc) - Clean, especially stains, address excessive wear areas or damaged areas. Ensure area rugs are clean and stain free.

Walls and ceilings - Clean dirt, fingerprints or other stains. Fix cracks, chips, water damage even if it involves taping. Be objective about the need for repainting or new wallpaper and address that. Chose neutral, light colours for a roomy environment.

Doors - Make sure they open/close easily without squeaks and all latches/handles secure and are working propertly. Do they need new paint? Are they clean?

Windows - Make sure they all open/close easily and are working properly. Glass should be sparkling clean, chip and crack free. Screens need to be clean and without holes. Storm windows need to be in good condition. Frames and sills should be dirt and fingerprint free.

Window coverings (curtains, drapes, blinds, etc.) - All should be clean, replaced if excessive wear or sun damage, and in good working order, including any hardware

Proper lighting - Ensure all bulbs are working, broken switches or exposed wiring repaired. Table and floor lamps should work properly. All should have the proper wattage.
Pet areas - Should be clean, organized, odour-free.

Entryways and Hallways - Clean and free of clutter or obstructions. The welcome mat(s) should be clean and inviting.

Closets and storage areas - These need to be well organized, clutter and excess junk removed. Clothes should be hung neatly and not jammed together and shoes/boots neatly stored or stacked.

Kitchen - Every surface should be sparkling clean. Countertops well organized and all but daily use items visable. Refrigerator shold be spotless inside and out i.e. spoiled food discarded, frost removed, light bulb working. Oven/stove top clean and the burner trays as well. The sinks shold be clean, faucets working properly and leak-free. Cupboards/pantry should be spotless, and organzied. Dishwasher, garbage disposal in good working order and stain free.

Livingroom, dining room, bedrooms, den and study - Everything thoroughly vacuumed and dusted. Remove excess furniture for a roomier atmosphere. Remaining furniture clean and in good repair. All surfaces should be cleaned and polished. Bookshelves should be neat and clutter free. Children's games/toys need to be stored neatly. Fragile items removed and stored. Smaller valuables removed and locked away. Mirrors clean and in good repair. Ashtrays should be removed. Fireplace should be cleaned with logs/kindling neatly stacked.

Bathrooms - Every surface should be sparkling clean. Counter tops organized and free of clutter - use fresh soap. Faucets should be working properly. Towels and shower curtains should be stain-free and hanging neatly. Toilets should be extra clean and working properly. The medicine cabinet should be organized and "personal items" removed.

Basement, furnace room, garage, attic storeroom - Clean and well organized. Clutter and excess "junk" removed. Everything thoroughly vacuumed/dusted.


Structure - Clean the exterior surfaces and repair any damage. The front door exterior shold be clean and inviting. Ensure eavestroughs, downspouts, gates, fences, sidewalks, decks and driveway are all clean, in good repair and are working properly.

Yard and environment - Lawns shold be mowed/edged regulary and large bare spots repaired. Leaves removed and trees or hedges pruned/trimmed. Flower beds need to be weeded and dead plants replaced. Junk and scrap removed. Lawn furniture clean, organized and in good repair. Bicycles, children's toys should be stored neatly and out of the way. Firewood should be organized and neatly stacked. Dog runs secure and yard should be free of "doggy deposits". If its winter, driveways, sidewalks should be clear of snow and ice.